SponsoKilla 1.3 released !

Having some spare time at work, I’ve managed to improve SponsoKilla quite a bit.

But, as this is my first post, let’s talk about SponsoKilla.

As a twitter.com user, I was more and more annoyed by those numerous promoted tweets, and jumped into the twitter.com sourcecode to find a way to get rid of them. I knew about Greasemonkey, the well-known Firefox extension, as I used it in the past for some professional projects. So I decided to write my own script. SponsoKilla was soon to be born.

So, what do you need to test it :

  1. Firefox (the latest version is always the best)
  2. Greasemonkey (the latest v… you know what I mean) : download and install from within Firefox itself
  3. SponsoKilla (the late.. ok ok, that’s obvious), which you can download here.
  4. JavaScript enabled (which should be the case by default)

Once Firefox and Greasemonkey are up and running, click on arrow near the Greasemonkey icon (that monkey face that just appeared on Firefox’s toolbar), then select Manage scripts.

Unzip SponsoKilla.zip somewhere on your disk, then grab and release SponsoKilla.user.js ONTO the Firefox window. That’s it, SponsoKilla is installed and ready to provide its magic. Then go to https://twitter.com and enjoy.

As I’m too lazy to write an entire user manual, please have a look at the source code and modify your settings. Everything is commented so it should be easy to understand.

This version allows :

  • Removal of promoted tweets
  • Removal of the trends panel
  • Removal of the suggestions panel
  • Blacklist (“mute”) specified users. They won’t be blocked, just muted (as long as SponsoKilla is used)
  • Add a background image of your choice to your twitter account or any specified user account, as Twitter removed them a few days ago. Please note that you will be the only person to see it.
  • Prevent yourself from using Twitter during the day ! Well, that’s a pretty stupid feature but I’m sure it may be of some use…

I’ve got a few ideas to improve it, but it the meantime, feel free to modify, enhance and distribute SponsoKilla.

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